How do I increase YouTube comments organically?

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How do I increase YouTube comments organically?

The impact of comments on your video’s audience is enormous. The YouTube algorithm promotes videos with more words to reach a larger audience. Here are nine strategies for encouraging user comments on your videos, which can increase your audience engagement levels overall. Let’s look into some ways to increase youtube comments.

Creative Headlines

Metadata is crucial if you want your YouTube videos to be successful. Creating a title, description, and tags for the video you submit is known as “meta data.”

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When finishing this procedure, it’s crucial to carefully optimize your tags, create a catchy headline, and be as thorough as possible. When viewers scan over the video headlines, they frequently click on the first one that catches their attention. Do split tests frequently and without fear. Consider changing the headline and description if one video is receiving few views.


Keywords are vitally crucial, just like a catchy headline. People will look for what they are looking for when they conduct a topic search. According to studies, a YouTube search may get you more than 60% of your new subscribers. If your description and keywords are too lengthy, there is a low possibility that they will appear in the results. When writing a description and keyword tags, always do your best to be as detailed as possible. If you need help with keyword suggestions, think about employing valuable tools like Google’s Keyword Planner. You can always have a few tags.

Youtube views

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Remember to promote your video outside of YouTube after you’ve uploaded it. Some suggestions for how to sell it:

  • Participate in social bookmarking platforms
  • Share the URL on your social networking pages.
  • Mail it to your contact list.
  • Including video search engines
  • Leave blog comments together with your YouTube URL.

If the video is good enough, it should gain additional views due to word of mouth.


People who desire to appear popular could find this a great starting point. Most of the time, some viewers might be hesitant to leave a remark on a video with no. The ball may start rolling, though, if you bought or even made up a few remarks on your own. Refrain from overdoing it and purchase thousands of views and likes if you decide to take it this way. If you did something similar, it can raise concerns and result in your account being suspended.

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Create a Good Thumbnail

Your thumbnail should be appealing, just like your title should be on YouTube. If you wanted to upload a cat movie, for example, it would be preferable to show the cat in motion rather than a stock photo of a cat. The likelihood of someone clicking on your video increases if your thumbnail appears intriguing. Consider examining other well-liked videos in your niche to see what kind of thumbnails they employ. Building a fan following on YouTube is easy if you are persistent and create quality content. Keep in mind that your chances of getting more comments and likes on your network will improve for each view you get. Your network should continue to grow as long as you implement the strategies.


Reply to all comments.

Retweet comments made on your video by other viewers. Use a relaxed, cordial tone of voice. By asking questions, try to start a dialogue. Your comments also influence the total engagement rates for the video.


The first

Set the tone! People are more inclined to respond to your comment and get involved when they realize that you’ve started a dialogue. Place the opening comment at the top of your comment section.

Audience’s comments on your end screen

Inform viewers that you will show the finest remark in your future video when you reach the end of your video. Additionally, you can choose a random comment and include a screenshot of it along with the username of your fan.

Promotion on another channel

Look for other YouTubers in your niche or whom you appreciate. Leave an amusing or clever comment on their videos. This makes you stand out and tempts other YouTubers to return the favor by leaving a comment on your video.

Send your audience to a different YouTuber‘s channel

Share a YouTube video from another user that you believe your viewers would enjoy. Instruct them to watch the video and then leave a comment, mentioning that you directed them there. If you go by the username flying beast on YouTube, your visitors can leave comments such as “Flying beast sent me here” or “Who else is here because of Flying beast?” Your video will be shared with their audiences by other YouTubers, which will expose your channel to new viewers.

 Create a Q&A video devoted to comments

Ask YouTubers for their personal questions, then devote an entire video to responding to them. Additionally, you can respond to inquiries from viewers of live videos.

Quick and full respond

Ask YouTube users their personal questions, then devote a whole video to responding to them. You could also respond to inquiries from viewers of a live video.

Ask questions

Asking them what kind of content they want to see in the future video will help viewers feel included. Or you could ask them what they believe about this video. Bring up a topic of discussion to encourage constructive debate.

Conduct giveaways

Offer viewers a reward for leaving comments. Weekly giveaways should be held for lucky viewers who have left comments on your videos. Your YouTube channel will become the talk of the town in no time if you have a firm plan to get the comments pouring in.

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